Problems We Solve

Always wondered why all those calls don’t lead to meetings? And when they do, less than 10% turn into sales?
Or why you personnel turnover is so high?

With over 26 years of experience stretched over 5 continents and more than 33 countries, MnM Training has been helping organizations and individuals to overcome their challenges, harness and nurture potential and improve overall performance. We will analyze together where you are today, where you want to be and we guide you through the process of reaching your target. We  maximize your potential and turn your strength into a lethal weapon.

Soft Skills

While technical skills may get your foot in the door, soft skills is what keeps you inside. A Boston College (Harvard University) study found that soft skills training boosts productivity and retention by 12% and delivers a 250% ROI. The best thing about soft skills: you don’t need any special qualifications and you can start working on them right now!

Long Sales Cycle & Declining ADV

Do you ever wonder if you could have sold a higher amount after you signed a deal? If this happens frequently, a high average deal value is not a wish, but a must. In addition, long sales cycles delay your return on investment, increase uncertainty and ultimately affect your liquidity. The fear of rejection pushes sales professionals to delay in asking for the sale. Take control of your money, now! Simply check our tailor made solution below.

Low Conversion Ratio

Business downturn doesn’t always have a clear reason. Is it the market? Is it the product? Is it the sales person? Or a combination of them? Companies naturally respond by taking hasty reactionary decisions to turn things around. It’s usually ineffective and aggravate problems further. Let our professionals take a closer look and advise you further.

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