Why MnM?

  1. 4D Customization: tailor-made solution to fit your country, your sector, your company, and your people 2 step assessment – prior and after training
  2. Coaching 360: we believe training should not stop in the classroom and developed a hands-on coaching sessions with the trainees upon completion of the seminar
  3. International experience: successfully implemented trainings in over 33 countries allowing us to share best practices from 5 continents
  4. Interaction: We have incorporated in our trainings accelerated learning techniques to stimulate all 5 senses

Why Training NOW?

  1. “The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s capability to learn faster than its competition.” (Peter M. Senge, Senior Lecturer MIT)
  2. Training and retaining current employees is cheaper than hiring new ones
  3. Motorola calculated that every dollar spent on training yields an approximate 30 percent gain in productivity within a three-year period. Motorola also used training to reduce costs by over $3 billion and increase profits by 47 percent (source: Tim Lane et al., “Learning to Succeed in Business with Information Technology,” Motorola).
  4. The “American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) collected training information from over 2500 “firms and found that companies that offer comprehensive training:
    1. Have 218% higher income per employee than those with less comprehensive training,
    2. Enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training, and
    3. Generate a 6% higher shareholder return if the training expenditure per employee increases by $680.”
  5. Being too close to your problem makes it hard to recognize it
  6. Even Manny Pacquiao still has a coach – via proper training your best sales people can become superstars

What if you DON’T?

  1. If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance.” (Derek Bok, Former President of Harvard University)
  2. Ineffective learning support leads to a slow learning curve which in return leads to a high idle cost and low turnover
  3. Without a solid learning strategy, you have no control over how your employees learn and share knowledge
  4. If a company does not offer sales and coaching trainings, employees will sooner or later find one that does. A Louis Harris and Associates poll reports that among employees with poor training opportunities, 41 percent planned to leave within a year, whereas of those who considered their company’s training opportunities to be excellent, only 12 percent planned to leave.
  5. You only have one chance for the first impression. Untrained employees can inflict irreparable damage to a company’s image and brand.
  6. Sales trainings don’t stick without a proper follow-up; you lose 80-90% of information within the first month.

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